Heather’s Story

I found out I was pregnant four weeks after a company Christmas party in which I became very intoxicated and slept with a coworker. He had lied to me and told me that he and his girlfriend had broken up. When I told him I was pregnant, he questioned paternity and his girlfriend wanted me […]

Shannon’s Story

While I like to publish first hand accounts, this one had to be told! This is not my own story, but a story about a friend of mine. I will give it the title “Shannon: Heroic Defender of Life” I met Shannon about 12 or 13 years ago when we were both involved in pro-life […]

Beth’s Story

My story began when I was 18. My boyfriend and I got engaged. We had a plan to be married in 2 years, after he finished college. He had a part-time job, and I was a nanny and a student. Of our families, mine was a conservative family, Pro Life, and very adamant about abstinence. […]

Rebecca’s Story

Brian Kravec, at CatholicMom.com, has a story to share.  He writes: A parish friend of many years ago was in her third trimester when she asked me to help write her story.  Only as her story would unfold did I come to understand the courage, trust, faith, humility and unconditional love of life that were embodied […]

Raquel K.’s Story

Raquel Kato is currently telling her story through her book I’m THAT Girl; Profile of a College Girl with an Unplanned Pregnancy, tentatively due out in January 2014. I also included a love letter she wrote her little girl. The story below was written in her 39th week of pregnancy. She has since delivered AvaMarie Rose, but […]