Giselle’s Story

When I was 17 I had a had sex with a stranger. I was obviously pregnant, to my mom at least. I didn’t know. On my 18th birthday my mom made me take a pregnancy test. When It came back positive, I showed her and we both just sat there. She finally said “you have to make a choice” at 5 months pregnant abortion was not an option. Not that, that would have been an option for me, as someone who firmly believes in life. I hadn’t heard from the father. I didn’t know his name or have a way to contact him. I decided I was capable, no matter how difficult it would end up being, of caring for a child. I went in for my first ultra sound at 22 weeks. Before I went in, I looked at my mom and said “its a boy”. I was right. My Little angel was born 19 weeks later. After my son was born, I started looking for his father. I went on the website I first found him on. it took me three months to find him. I sent him a picture and told him he was a father. I told him you can go get a paternity test and we’ll go from there or you can not respond to this and you wont hear from me again. A month later he asked me where he could get the test done. After a year of him stalling and making excuses he finally was tested and paternity was proven. I asked him to meet with me and talk about what he wants. When we met he told me that he didn’t want to be a father right now, that I should have gotten an abortion. I thanked him for meeting with me and we went our separate ways. 3 months later I received a text from him asking if he was allowed to change his mind and meet his son. I was so tempted to say no. I knew if he met his son that he would fall in love with him. I would have to share my world. I would have to trust a stranger. As a woman I would have refused him but I am a mother first and foremost. My son deserves a father. He became involved and he became a father to our son. We went on our first date, 6 months ago. Our son is now 3 years old. I never expected that the man I had a one night stand with would get me pregnant. I never expected that he would choose to be involved. I never expected him to be a great father. Life threw me on this difficult path. I have struggled and often wanted to give up. I’ve come to believe that if you do your best, things turn out all right. I don’t know how things will end up between me and my sons father but I’ve decided not to expect anything.


2 thoughts on “Giselle’s Story

  1. Omg this is such a beautiful story. Always keep in mind that God does not give you things that you can’t handle. Thank God that your baby father decided to take care of his responsibility and you were able to find him. Thank you for sharing ypur story. -Laila

  2. So interesting and helpfully, am in that situation as in now, am 38 weeks, unemployeed, my BF doesn’t want anything to do with me, l’ve try to call him severaly times he ignore my calls, am so stress and l can’t sleep, but l trust God he will make a way for me. Thanks for sharing your story

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