Clarissa’s Story

I had big plans for my life. I had just graduated from university, and was planning to go Officer Candidate School for the US Marine Corps. I didn’t think I would ever really have time to get married or have kids because I was intending on making the military my career. With only months to go before I anticipated leaving, I physically and mentally was preparing myself for the commitment and challenge that the Marine Corps would offer, and thought of little else.

All that changed when I took a pregnancy test that came out positive. My whole world flipped upside down in that moment. What was I going to say to my parents, family, friends, my recruiters who faithfully were helping me prepare, and the father of the baby? I was at work, and trying to keep calm and composed, but really didn’t know how to deal with what was absolutely life changing. It didn’t occur to me to have an abortion, I knew that it was my responsibility to deal with the result of my actions, although my attitude was a little sour because my dreams were destroyed.

Time went by and the relationship between myself and my unborn baby’s dad dissolved, which was painful and frustrating at first. I stayed living at home with my parents so that I could save as much money as possible to prepare for the baby which presented its own challenges.

I had the first ultrasound around 8 weeks, and I saw that tiny, but precious life. I saw the little budding arms and her body was just starting to take shape. I heard her heartbeat, and fell in love. As I got further and further along, and began to feel the baby (a girl!) moving inside, I became so excited to meet this little angel!

As I came to have a relationship with Jesus as a Christian later, I discovered that I had been chosen to be her mom. That while it was not my plan, it had always been God’s plan. My daughter is now 1-year-old, and I couldn’t even imagine life without her. There are still challenges, finances are tough, and days (and nights) are long sometimes. But everyday, I am so thankful that life was the only option for me and that I am blessed to know and be a mother to my sweet girl.


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