Chrissy’s Story

My story begins when I was widowed at 27 with 2 daughters. After 3 years of my husband being in the hospital more than out, he died at 28. I decided that I should go back to school, so I started college and I did well the first year. I started becoming so lonely and feeling like everyone had a mate but me and I started thinking it was time to start dating again. My brother introduced me to the brother of a friend of his and we started seeing each other in May. I had been saved & baptized when I was 17 and I was wanting a Christian man. Well, Ken told me he was a Christian and I thought that he was it. I found out that he wasn’t after another week of dating him. But I told myself that if I let him go no one else would want me. I wasn’t a virgin any longer, so what difference does it make if we have sex. I bought into the devil’s lies and had sex 2 or 3 times and I got pregnant the first time. I figured he knew I wasn’t using anything to not get pregnant, so maybe he would marry me if I was having his baby. How wrong I was. I told him I was pregnant and he said “What do you want me to do about it?” I never saw him from that day forward. I found out that he died a few years ago.
So I felt devastated, stupid, regretful, and a host of other torturous feelings. I asked God to forgive me and promised God I would never have sex outside of marriage again. I cried for the next 6 months. I was going to give the baby up for adoption. How was I to take care of another child? My girls begged me not to give the baby away.  After much prayer, I chose to keep the child.
Well, that baby is my son, Greg. He’s been such a blessing to me and our family. He’s tall and fair-complexioned like his father, but other than that he looks like my side of the family. He’s a Music and Youth minister and surrendered to the call at the age of 14. He married a beautiful young woman 2 years ago who is a strong Christian woman too and they saved themselves until marriage. I am so proud of him and love him immensely. God has been good to be faithful to his promises. I kept my end and saved myself for my husband, Dale, whom I met a year later and we’ve been married for 25 years this past June.
No matter the circumstances of pregnancy–God is faithful to those who are faithful to him. He forgives and He restores. Blessed be the name of the Lord God.


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