Jennifer’s Story

I don’t have the worst, or the most difficult story by far. I wasn’t single, I wasn’t even without a supportive family, but my first pregnancy was still unexpected. I was 20, and my husband and I had just moved ourselves into a bedroom in my sister’s basement. Not the ideal situation. You see, we had a 5-year plan. Well, I had a 5-year plan and had just gotten my husband on board. Save money, travel, save money, buy a house, have a baby – in that order. So when my husband saw the pregnancy tests and literally the first thing he said was “Your debt’s not paid off, and we’re living in your sister’s basement”, I could hardly blame him (although he was definitely in the dog house that night).
I wish I could say I was a saintly mother and could only look forward to my baby’s arrival with excitement. However, while I knew I loved my baby and could never ever get rid of her, I definitely went through a “poor me” phase. All I could think about was my broken dreams and plans – the backpacking trip to Europe we would do while we were still young enough to do it, the trip I’ve been dreaming of since I was 10, all gone in a matter of seconds as those two pink lines showed up. To top it off, my boss was possibly planning a trip to Italy in the fall, which led my co-worker to have a 15-minute conversation about how you “just have to get all your traveling done before you have kids”.
A few weeks of sulking went by, and then I think God just got tired of it. I had a bit of bright red spotting. Nothing makes you realize how much you value something until you almost have it taken away from you. Honestly, it was like, how could I have even felt a little bit sorry for myself?
Now this is the part where God starts to use my life to show off:
We got our tax return, which just happened to clean up all of my remaining student loan. Miracle #2 (Miracle #1 being our baby girl of course!).
A week or so after we found out, my in-laws won the lottery (Miracle #3). So when I was 12 weeks and we were able to tell them I was pregnant, it wasn’t long after that they offered to give us the down payment for a house. (I think they just wanted their grand baby closer to them!).
So, while I’m not saying everyone’s story, or even anyone else’s story will be like this, I can very confidently say that God has a plan for each child. I understand that not every situation is ideal, and that compared to many, I really should be shot for complaining at all about my circumstances, but I want anyone out there reading this to know that your baby is a precious gift. Circumstance doesn’t change that, and all it takes is a change of perspective, a determination, to see your beautiful baby just as he or she is – a gift.

Time: July 24, 2013 at 9:36 pm


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