Mary’s Story

Last year my husband and I got an unexpected surprise at the beginning of the new year. We were gonna have another baby. Of course this was not a planned pregnancy, so of course, we fought over it for 8 weeks! This was not part of a 5 year plan we had etched out for ourselves and our son was only 2! Most of the fight was about expenses for the new baby! Daycare is not cheap and we make just enough to not be eligible for daycare assistance! I also have many health risks including blood clots and contracting gestational diabetes. So he was dwelling guilty putting me through another high risk pregnancy. Once I had that first appointment, we calmed down and started to enjoy the fact that we had a new baby on the way! I love my daughter so much and kiss her every night and tell her that she was the best gift god could give mommy! She has completed our family in more ways than one!


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