Charity’s Story

My story happened a long time ago.
I married at 18 years old, and my husband attended Seminary.  One day, he came home and said, he didn’t believe anything anymore…. and our lives changed.  That was about the same time I found out I was pregnant with our first child.
2 years later, our second child was born, with many complications, including prematurity and cerebral palsy.  11 months later, our 3rd child was born, also premature.
By this time, we figured out that birth control was just not working.  🙂  We were too poor to be parents, and there were many struggles because of my husband’s bad decisions.
He went from being a clean-cut, happy man. To being an alcoholic and drug addict.
I didn’t know much about that kind of life, as I was quite naive…. but at 24, I found myself pregnant once again, with our 4th child.
At this time, we were homeless. It was AWFUL.  I never in a million years would have thought that my life would turn out in such a way… but there I was, homeless, a mother of 3, and pregnant again!
I was the poster child for Abortion!

I had family members telling me that I should abort.  These were Christians!  They felt my life was just too hard, and there was no way I should bring another child into this world.  Another family member wrote a letter to me saying she did the loving thing for her husband by aborting their child….
This was something I just could not do!
So, what DID I do?
I trusted the Lord through the hardest of times.
My son was born, and didn’t come into the world like the Little Prince who was born in England today.
He came into poverty, alcoholism, addiction, and more.
I was doing my very best to be a good mom for my children.
Things got worse before they got better.
My husband abandoned all of us when our youngest son was 3.

And things got better from there.
After staying with relatives and working hard, all the boys were in school and I found my first full-time job.
My children were such a blessing to me.  We were making ends meet, and we began to thrive!
We were not rich, but we were not poor either.
Eventually, I remarried and my husband adopted all of my children.

Today, I am the mother of 8 children total….. 4 boys and 4 girls.
My four boys who came to me first, are all in their 30’s now with families of their own.  The son everybody wanted me to abort is a Classical Piano Player, a CPA and is married with 3 of his own precious children. My grand children!
In fact, I have 11 grand children now! 🙂
I think back on those days when all the sadness and struggle was encompassing my life and I am so thankful that I was not short-sighted.
The trials I endured, God has used  for a purpose. And I am thankful for them.


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