Cate’s Story

Hi there,  I am a 27-year-old mother of three and here is my story:

I was 19 years old when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child.  I was in college, I had no job, and the father of my child was not interested in becoming yet again with another woman.  He had already 5 children with three different women and to him this baby meant nothing.  I did not consider abortion mainly because I had always wanted children someday but I did think long and hard about giving this baby away to someone more stable.  I was confused, scared, and saddened by the lack of support that I would have for us both.  I was still attending classes and trying to figure out my life when I met another man.  He like me was in a state of desperation.  His long time addiction to drugs was at a losing point and he felt no hope from returning from this disease.  I know rationally that beginning a relationship with someone in this state is insane and could have been extremely dangerous. I was so scared of raising my child alone I was desperate for anyone to step in and help.  He has a heart for the gift of a child and though he continued to struggle with his addiction daily he began to work to provide for this little  baby.  He told me ” I loved you and knew that with me your baby had a better chance of having someone who would love and provide for them.”  Our daughter was born in April of 06′ and we both were overwhelmed by the Joy she brought to our lives.  My heart jumped like never before at the sound of her first little cry.  My boyfriend continued to sink further into addiction despite his provisions for our daughter always being stable.  I tried everything to get him clean including threatening, begging, and pleading.  Finally when our daughter was 9 months I decided I had enough and I was ready to take our daughter and leave.  I packed our things and was ready to go.  Then her father held her close to say goodbye and in that moment something broke inside.  He cried harder than he had ever before and he says ” that she looked at him as if she knew what he was doing to them and what he was doing to himself.”  He lost it and from that point on he cleaned up.  He put down the drugs and has never picked up again.  Were now married with two more beautiful children and he has completed college and we have been blessed financially and spiritually beyond our understating.  Our daughter that I once found myself questioning how I would care for actually was God’s way of caring for both of us.  He gave us this little angel to be his way into our lives.  Beyond a doubt there is a God and beyond a doubt he had a plan.  I don’t think every pregnancy could end up this way.  But I know without this baby there would be two more people in this world who probably would not of made the choice to live and follow Christ.  Thank You for letting me share.


2 thoughts on “Cate’s Story

  1. Oh wow….that’s incredible…God is so faithful, and knew all along that He could you use your pain and struggle to help others. Bless you! 🙂

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